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Client Testimonials

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Weekly Individual Therapy, After 1 Year


"Nina has been an amazing source of support since I started working with her at the beginning of this year. Her knowledge on clinical mental health, awareness of Filipino culture, and decolonization, combined with her innate spiritual wisdom/gifts have really helped me get through the uncertainty of these times. Since working with Nina, I've gained the courage to  make some of the hardest, most transformational decisions of my life. I can confidently say I feel more rooted in myself and my purpose than ever. Thank you, Nina!"

Weekly Couples Therapy, After 1 Year


"As a couple, we have been to a few therapists for the last few years and although we have received good guidance from all of them, Nina has truly made the greatest impact. Through gentle words of encouragement, she was able to help us reframe harmful ways of thinking, improve communication skills, help us put vulnerability at the forefront, and so much more. She is a skilled professional who week by week, remembers the struggles and details of your relationship and is able to build with each session. We see the fruit of our labors from the

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therapy with Nina, and our relationship has never been better. As we approach major milestones and hardships such as long-distance for a few years, marriage, and beyond, we are so grateful to have Nina. Thank you, Nina!"

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Semiweekly Individual Therapy, After 1 Year


"I can't express how grateful I am to Nina. Her trauma-informed approach has been life-saving for me. As someone who’s been in therapy for over two decades this is the first time I’ve actually had the opportunity and guidance to heal. As a therapist, she utilizes compassion, spirituality, trauma-informed care, and lived experience to hold space for her clients. 

If you’re BIPOC, Queer, or otherwise marginalized, Nina’s approach will make you feel seen and understood and ready to unpack any issues you might be dealing with. I know it's been transformative for me."

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