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Holistic Therapy

If you have never experienced talk therapy before or are unfamiliar with holistic approaches, you probably have questions about how the process works. Below you can find some key principles of my holistic approaches.

Building the Relationship

Before beginning any major therapeutic work, it is important for the client and therapist to cultivate a supportive and trusting relationship. Safety and empathic understanding are key foundations which must be in place for vulnerability, honesty, and positive change to happen. As with any relationship, there will be times of difficulty or conflict, but these are genuine opportunities for mutual growth and deepened understanding. The process of rupture and solid repair builds a powerful and sincere therapeutic relationship.

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A "Whole Person" Approach

It is important to consider how you experience living in the spaces of your mind, body, spirit, emotions, and environment. Many people feel that they are constantly in the "mind" space and feel less connected to their other areas of being. In therapy we can explore ways to help the mind find stillness, build awareness of somatic responses, get in touch with emotions, raise spiritual consciousness, and bond with the natural world. 

Therapeutic Practices

There are many helpful techniques for gaining insight and connecting the whole self. These include:

  • Meditation, breath work, and movement

  • Drawing, writing, music, and other creative exercises

  • Dream work, rituals, and visualization

  • Nature/elemental work and grounding exercises

  • Other practices beneficial to the client

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Depth & Transpersonal Work

Some people discover meaning in seeking spiritually transcendent experiences. Others prefer to examine the unconscious self. In therapy, you can explore spiritual emergence, connection to higher states of awareness, building intuition, and areas such as compassion for others, forgiveness, and gratitude. You can also work on hidden complexes, ego defenses, and the shadow self.

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